ChatterboxArt was born out of my love for art, developed over a number of years, through experimenting with various media (floristry for over 10 years, amateur traditional arts practitioner throughout my life and most recently, by studying in depth of Digital Art over a 3 year BA course at Plymouth College of Art).

Here, at ChatterboxArt, we create worlds, we support children on their journey of becoming little innovators.

The extensive research I have done for my final year Research Paper ("4-6 year old children and Digital Media"), together with the insight into today's educational system, acquired through my volunteering role as teaching support at Hyde Park Infant School (Plymouth, UK), have provided me with invaluable knowledge for creating an engaging and fun structure for the "Digital Artists" digital art course.

Because "play is a child's most serious work" (Ackermann,2010), we made it our mission, to support the "little atrtists" on a journey of self discovery, where they will use the digital world, as a stage on which their imagination and curiosity can perform without boundaries.