Larry The Hairy Friendly Bear

This project is a digital interactive story for children, aimed at 4-6 year old Early Years pupils.

Larry The Hairy Friendly Bear, makes reading fun through the rhyming narrative and engages the young audience through simple interactions. Set in a 3D theatre-like environment, with all the characters as cardboard cut-outs, this application will help children learn High Frequency Words required at this stage of their education, in a fun, engaging way.

This prototype, built for Android platforms, was delivered in collaboration with: Marius Varga ( Unity3D programmer), Gemma Phillips (primary school teacher - narrator) and Hyde Park Infant School (research and testing).

Larry the Hairy Friendly Bear  - story

                         In game screen shot

                         Larry - design sheet

   Meet Dory the cat

                         Larry's Journey

                            In game screen shot