Digital Artists

At ChatterboxArt, we deliver fun, engaging, Digital Art workshops for children, through an innovative narrative gameplay technique.

Because "play is a child's most serious work" (Ackermann,2010), we made our mission to support our "little atrtists" on a journey of self discovery, where they use the digital world as a stage on which their imagination and curiosity, can perform without boundaries.

Through our carefuly designed specialist workshops, the "little artists" will learn about colour theory in a non-intrusive way, while building worlds with the help of shapes and layers. They will experiment with composition, while developing their communication and critiquing skills. They will innovate.

The extensive research I have done for my final year Research Paper (4-6 year old children and Digital Media), together with the insight into today's educational system, acquired through my volunteering role as teaching support at Hyde Park Infant School (Plymouth, UK), have provided me with invaluable knowledge for creating an engaging and fun structure for the "Little Artists" digital art course.

If you have any queries related to Digital Artists, please do not hesitate to contact us at: